Sound Agronomic Management Consulting

G&K Concepts, Inc. is an independent crop consulting firm with a goal to assist our clients in making sound agronomic decisions. We start with a zone management approach to soil fertility. We don’t sell products, which allows us to offer an open-minded and “prove it” approach. We view ourselves as a team member on your operation with no agenda other than helping you reach your goals.

About Us

G&K Concepts, Inc. uses a team approach to serve the needs of our clients. Our staff members are well versed in many facets of agronomic management. Learn more about our team.

Consulting Services

Soil sampling and fertility management, variable rate prescriptions, data analysis, scouting, test plots and more. Learn more about our services.


Our responses to the most commonly asked questions at G&K. See our FAQ list.

Soil Sampling Done Right!

Proper agronomic management is multi-faceted and infinitely variable across different operations, but it all starts with proper evaluation methods. Our approach to maintaining soil fertility is zone management. It begins with the proper development of your management zones, utilizing all the information available to us.  That could include yield data, elevation maps, bare soil imagery, SSURGO data or NDVI imagery.

We don’t rely on a computer to develop management zones; we rely on real-world experience and treat each field individually. The use of Brookside Laboratories to provide our soil analytical services gives us the confidence to know your soil tests are done properly and consistently.