About Us

Greg Kneubuhler moved out of the retail fertilizer business to pursue a career as an independent agronomist in 2003. Greg recognized a need and desire to do what’s right and best for farmers rather than be forced to sell them a product. Greg was introduced to Brookside Laboratories, Inc. and its network of independent agronomists which was instrumental in our early success by allowing us to build off their knowledge base. By 2009 the client list had grown and needs for more services emerged, so Greg decided to launch G&K Concepts as a private agronomy firm. Over time, a team evolved to further meet the needs of our clients. Having a high-quality team has always been very important to Greg in terms of providing sound agronomics to our customers.  

Based in Northeast Indiana, G&K Concepts is an independent agronomy consulting business with a goal of providing a practical, common sense approach to agronomic management. We are not tied to any particular company or product but focused on better management for our clients through the use of high-quality testing methods, technology that lends itself advantageously to our client goals, and standards of practice that ensure quality results. Our goal is improved management and profitability using the latest in today’s technology from yield data to precision nutrient recommendations to better nitrogen utilization among others. Your success is our success.

Greg Kneubuhler, CCA
Owner & Consultant
Neil Koch
Rob McGuire, CCA
Michelle Lake
Kim Kneubuhler
Secretary & Administration